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From the PREFACE. THE book of this tract has been not on time through a number of motives, and i'm now forced to factor it with out Dr Riesz's assist in the ultimate correction of the proofs. This has at any fee, one virtue, that it provides me the potential for announcing how wakeful i'm that no matter what worth it possesses is due normally to his contributions to it, and particularly to the very fact, that it includes the 1st systematic, account of his appealing thought of the summation of sequence through 'typical means'.

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5. , d is the order (or exponent) of q modulo n, denoted as ord(q) modulo n or ordn(q). 1, it is not difficult to arrive at the following result, which will play an important role in designing some keystream sequences. 2 Assume that gcd(n, q) = 1. Then Qn is irreducible over GF(q) if and only if n = r k, 2r k or 4, where r is an odd prime and k > O, and q is a primitive root modulo n. 2. 2 Two Basic Problems from Stream 47 Ciphers For sequences of period N over the field GF(q), their linear and sphere complexity are closely related with the factorization of cyclotomic polynomials Qn(x) over GF(q) for all factors n of N.

Hence a m 1 ~_ 0 (mod p). It follows that ordp(a) divides orclvh (a) and the conclusion follows. D Finding conditions for the equality ordph(a) = ordp(a) seems to be a complicated, but cryptographically useful problem. 1 below gives useful information. 4 Find conditions which ensure the equality o r d p (a) - ordp(a), where p is a prime, k and a are integers no less than 2. 1 9 1 = ]1 Q (z) nlN and the polynomial Q n ( x ) is equal to the product of r distinct monic irreducible polynomials over GF(q)[x] of the same degree d, where d = ordn(q).

Perhaps everyone will have her own technique for getting information about the mother. Keystream generators are flexible and diverse. , linear and sphere complexity). Some cipher systems are easy to implement, but may have tradeoffs between known security parameters; some are relatively difficult to implement, but their security may be easy to control; others may have both an easy implementation and ideal security, but be slow. Of course, fewer tradeoffs make the design easier. In designing secure cipher systems the most important problems are: 1.

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