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By Xiaoping Xu

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This publication offers a number of the algebraic recommendations for fixing partial differential equations to yield detailed suggestions, innovations built through the writer in recent times and with emphasis on actual equations reminiscent of: the Maxwell equations, the Dirac equations, the KdV equation, the KP equation, the nonlinear Schrodinger equation, the Davey and Stewartson equations, the Boussinesq equations in geophysics, the Navier-Stokes equations and the boundary layer difficulties. with the intention to remedy them, i've got hired the grading method, matrix differential operators, stable-range of nonlinear phrases, relocating frames, uneven assumptions, symmetry differences, linearization ideas and specified features. The booklet is self-contained and calls for just a minimum figuring out of calculus and linear algebra, making it obtainable to a extensive viewers within the fields of arithmetic, the sciences and engineering. Readers could locate the precise options and mathematical abilities wanted of their personal research.

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35) So n−1 φ2 = Γ j =1 n−1 j =1 π . 2 Gauss Hypergeometric Functions 43 Note that n−1 zr = r=0 n−1 zn − 1 = z−1 z − e2j πi/n . 37) j =1 Hence n−1 n= n−1 1 − e2j πi/n = j =1 ej πi/n e−j πi/n − ej πi/n j =1 n−1 = e(n−1)πi/2 n−1 (−2i sin j π/n) = 2n−1 e(n−1)πi/2 (−i)n−1 j =1 sin j π/n j =1 n−1 = 2n−1 e(n−1)πi/2 e3(n−1)πi/2 n−1 sin j π/n = 2n−1 j =1 sin j π/n. 38), φ2 = (2π)n−1 n =⇒ φ= (2π)(n−1)/2 . 39). 2 Gauss Hypergeometric Functions The term “hypergeometric” was first used by Wallis in Oxford as early as 1655 in his work Arithmetica Infinitorum when referring to any series which could be n regarded as a generalization of the ordinary geometric series ∞ n=0 z .

Suppose that ν = m is a positive integer. The indicial equation has two roots: μ1 = m and μ2 = −m. The function Jm (t) is still well defined, but J−m (t) is not defined. 4 Series Method and Bessel Functions 35 which contradicts the assumption c0 = 0. Thus we do not have a solution of the form n−m . We look for another fundamental solution of the form y= ∞ n=0 cn t ∞ y = Jm (t) ln t + cn t n−m , n=0 which is related to Bessel functions of the second kind. 4 Solve the following equations by the power series method: 1.

1) Suppose that f1 and f0 are analytic at t = 0. Around t = 0, ∞ f0 = ∞ f1 = an , bn ∈ R. 2) where cn are to be determined. 3) an t n , n=0 bn t n , n=0 We consider the solution of the form ∞ y= cn t n , n=0 ∞ y = ∞ y = ncn t n−1 , n=1 n(n − 1)cn t n−2 . 5) n=0 n (n + 1)(n + 2)cn+2 = − (r + 1)bn−r cr+1 + an−r cr . 1 Solve the equation y − ty − y = 0. Solution. Suppose that y = −δr,1 . 6) becomes ∞ n n=0 cn t is a solution. Note that ar = −δr,0 and br = (n + 1)(n + 2)cn+2 = (n + 1)cn ∼ cn+2 = cn .

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