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Cusp forms of weight 1 are very interesting since they are related to irreducible complex odd two-dimensional Galois representation of GQ for which Artin's conjecture holds. See [45] or [13] for this topic. Using again Tate's trick one can find the space of cusp forms of weight one as an (explicitly describable) subspace of cusp forms of higher weights and levels. This is used in [24] to determine a of the space Sl(N, X), the cusp forms of level N, weight 1 and nebentypus X for N = 2"'ยท n, n odd square-free, lcm(N,4N) S 104 and X a quadratic character.

This must be an simultaneous eigenvector for all Hecke operators T E TN. As a consequence of (20) we get: If the eigenspace EAn is not one-dimensional we apply another Hecke operator Tm to EAn and refine the decomposition until we find a decomposition into one-dimensional factors. This procedure must terminate after a finite number of steps. To make the computation fast we use reduction modulo a prime p which splits totally in the totally real field extension Q(Al. A2, A3, ... ) over Q and use the Hasse-Weil bound to determine the Fourier coefficients.

38 G. Frey, M. Miiller Since we know by theoretical reasons that these complex numbers are rational numbers with denominators divisible at most by 2,3,29, we guess that . tl 23 . 73 5 34 . 292 = . t2 = 73 3 2. 34 . 292 . t3 = 31 . 67 . 73 2 . 181 23 . 34 . 292 To determine the curve equation we follow Mestre and have to intersect a cubic with a quadric both defined over the rational numbers. In our case the quadric is: 9417394 2 48627125 Z1 233886344942080 2 248292512862455513309184 2 + 9761465990744321 Z2 + 126163850622565659581977625 z3 = 0(27) We have parameterize the quadric (27), and so we have to find an integral point on it.

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