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Those are the lawsuits of the Southern Illinois Algebra Conference.The convention used to be held on the Southern Illinois college at Carbondale on April 18 and 19, 1980 as a part of the designated Week In Algebra , April14-19, 1980. The convention used to be made attainable during the curiosity, monetary aid and cooperation of the dep. of arithmetic, university of Liberal Arts, Graduate college and workplace of foreign schooling at Southern Illinois collage at Carbondale.

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2). 32 Chapter 2. Track Theories and Secondary Cohomology Operations In this appendix we discuss small models of Eilenberg-MacLane spaces which are frequently used in the literature, see Eilenberg-MacLane [EML] and Kristensen [Kr1]. The small models are directly related to chain complexes of simplicial sets. We first recall the following notation. Let R be a commutative ring and let Mod be the category of R-modules. Let grMod be the category of graded R-modules. For A and B in grMod a morphism f : A → B of degree k is given by morphisms fi : Ai → Bi+k .

Er | for ej ∈ {Pβ1 , Pβ2 , . . }, ⎪ ⎩ 1 for ej = β. One readily checks for x ∈ H ∗ (X) the equation: αx = 0 for e(α) > |x|. We now consider the secondary instability condition of the secondary cohomology H∗ [X] corresponding to the primary instability above. For this let E(X) ⊂ M × H∗ [X]0 xxxii Introduction be the excess subset given by all pairs (α, x) with e(α) < |x|, α ∈ M, x ∈ H∗ [X]0 . Then there are unstable structure maps v : E(X) G H∗ [X]1 , u : H∗ [X]0 G H∗ [X]1 for p = 2, u : H∗ [X]even 0 G H∗ [X]1 for p odd, which are natural in X with |v(α, x)| = |α| + |x| and |ux| = p|x| and ∂v(α, x) = α · x, ∂u(x) = αp · x − xp with αp = Sq|x| for p = 2 and αp = P |x|/2 for p odd.

Ih−1 ) and I = (ih+2 , . . , in ). e. I , ih + ih+1 − t, y, I ), 0 ≤ t ≤ [ih /2]) is strictly lower than the moment of I. By induction on the moment we see that admissible monomials generate A as a graded vector space. The case of an odd prime is proved in the same way. The admissible monomials are linearly independent. To see this one looks at their action on H ∗ (B(Z/p)⊕k ) ∼ = (H ∗ BZ/p)⊗k . Here BV is the classifying space of the abelian group V . The mod p cohomology of a space X has, as A-module, a certain property called instability: • if x ∈ H ∗ X and i >| x |, then Sq i x = 0 for p = 2; • if x ∈ H ∗ X and e + 2i >| x |, e = 0, 1, then β e P i x = 0, for p > 2.

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