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By Roger Lindsay

ISBN-10: 0711018251

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This publication features a pictorial background of the English electrical Lightning in RAF provider. together with person airplane histories.

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I was very pleased by my bluff, and believed the enemy now to be finished. "Mister Y" had, however, pulled far away, as there was no way for him to bring the aerial battle to a favourable end. Then, with his machine glowing with fire, he dived right at me, all the Carl Degelow celebrates his awarding of the Knight's Cross of the Royal Hohenzollem House Order, seen above his left tunic pocket, and is pictured here with his 'white stag' D VII. The stag has golden yellow hooves and antlers. The pale rib tapes are quite evident on the five-colour fabric wing covering, and a tubular gunsight is mounted between the guns (via Greg VanWyngarden) while maintaining a murderous stream of fire from his machine guns.

Dogs were a favourite of many pilots, and here the Baron gazes at his Danish hound 'Moritz' (via Greg VanWyngarden) Richthofen's final Dr I was 425/17, which is seen here at Léchelle in late March 1918prior to having its cross markings modified. Note the cover over the fighter's propeller. This was the aircraft in which the 'Red Knight' was shot down and killed on 21 April 1918 (via Greg VanWyngarden) AIRCRAFT OF THE ACES - LEGENDS OF THE SKIES PILOT BIOGRAPHY - MANFRED VON RICHTHOFEN SPECIFICATION The most successful fighter pilot of World War 1 was born on 2 May 1892 in the Lower Silesian town of Kleinberg, near Schweidnitz.

DUEL OVER THE DOLOMITES 'I turned towards him and we came head-on. ' In early July 1918, the fourth ranking Austro-Hungarian ace Frank Linke-Crawford fought an inconclusive dogfight with a Sopwith Camel - almost certainly of the RAF's No 45 Sqn — on the southern edge of the Dolomites near Feltre. Both aircraft were damaged (Linke-Crawford flying Oberleutnant Jansky's Phönix D I at the time), although neither crashed. A month earlier, on 1 June, Linke-Crawford had emerged victorious in a similar dogfight with another Camel, as No 45 Sqn pilot Procter Huins recalled; 'We flew an early morning patrol over the lines, Earl Hand, Paddy O'Neill and myself.

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