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Mullah Mohammad Omar, the Taliban leader, guided the activities of this group’s efforts. Afghanistan Today 35 WORLD IN CONFLICT: THE MIDDLE EAST Many Afghans fled from their country as the Taliban took increasing control of it. Though most who fled were Muslim, they disagreed with the Taliban’s severe beliefs. The Taliban believes that their holy book forbids Muslims from certain earthly pleasures. Under Taliban rule, television, movies, and music were banned. All photos, including family portraits, were forbidden.

Taliban: The Islamic fundamentalist group that rules parts of Afghanistan according to strict Koran interpretation. Zakat: Muslims’ annual giving of money to the poor. 46 A F G H A N I S TA N ’ S STRUGGLES Afghanistan’s struggles reflected in the faces of its people WORLD IN CONFLICT: THE MIDDLE EAST INDEX A I P Achaemenid Empire 16 India 12, 16, 17, 19, 22, Pashtuns 28, 29 23, 25, 38 Afghan wars 22-28 Persian 16, 21 Ahmad Shah 21 Islam 7, 17, 19, 31, 32, 38 S Alexander the Great 16 J Safavid Empire 19 Amanullah 25 Jihad 32, 42 Sassian Empire 17 B K Shah, Nadir 21, 25 Babur 19 Kabul 12, 22, 27, 35, Shah, Zahir 25, 26 39, 41 bin Laden, Osama 5, 36, 37, 40 Britain, British 21-25, 38 Sher Ali 23 Khan, Daoud 25, 26 Shiites 29, 33 Khan, Genghis 17-19, Sikhs 22, 31 29 Buddhism, Buddha 19 Soviet Union 26, 38, 39 Burqa 36 Khyber Pass 12, Sunni 29, 41 Bush, George W.

The Shiite Muslims are typically poor farmers who live in the mountain regions. They are identified by the name of the region or valley they come from. The Sunni Muslims are middle class city dwellers. They tend to be educated and modernized. ” The Hazaras are believed to be ancestors of Genghis Khan’s soldiers. Most are Shiite Muslims who live in the mountain regions. They shepherd their herds through seasonal grazing grounds. They are poor people who are known to be frugal and hard working. Like the Pashtuns and Tajiks, Uzbeks and Turkmen are also of Mongoloid ethnicity and descended from Tamerlane’s followers.

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