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The conduction loss due to the dissipation in the image plane remains an order of magnitude less than ad for reasonable values of 2alAo and. for wavelengths well into the millimeter region [10]. --E a -E ---H ---H b \ " Fig. 25. Field distribution of the HEI;<~ode. (a) Cross section. (b) Longitudinal section. \\ Transml88lon Lines and Waveguides ........ 8 \~ ~"""'"" f':~ "....... \"" ~ " (1) ...... ,. 11. ~ ..... -- ~ ...... - .... -. 20·" --1-'" ,. '~- ~ t>~' I'.. 00"_____ ~-- . - £, -8 ,. ~ _,_~_i.

65 ......... 80 -.... 0 RIDGE RELATIVE THICKNESS (S/a) Fig. 24. Admittance of single-ridge waveguide. (After Hopfer [9/, \ © 1955 IEEE) Table 10. Characteristics of Single-Ridge Waveguides (After Jordon [IJ, Frequency Range (GHz) © 1985 Howard W. -10 (GHz) A.... 0* . 237 to. 004 *Copper. tBased on breakdown of air-IS 000 V/cm (safety factor of approximately 2 at sea level). Corner radii considered. l:Fig. 22a in these frequency ranges only. Table 11. Characteristics of Double-Ridge Waveguides (After Jordan [lJ, Frequency Range (GHz) Ie III (GHz) Ae III (in) © 1985 Howard W.

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4-dimensionale Translationsebenen mit irreduzibler Kollineationsgruppe by Betten D.

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