200 Puzzling Physics Problems: With Hints and Solutions - download pdf or read online

By P. Gnädig, G. Honyek, K. F. Riley

ISBN-10: 0521773067

ISBN-13: 9780521773065

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ISBN-13: 9780521774802

This ebook will advance a student's grab of the legislation of physics by means of using them to functional events, and difficulties that yield extra simply to intuitive perception than brute-force tools and complicated arithmetic. those exciting difficulties, selected virtually completely from classical (non-quantum) physics, are posed in available non-technical language requiring the coed to choose the precise framework during which to examine the placement and choose which branches of physics are concerned. the extent of class had to take on lots of the 2 hundred difficulties is that of the outstanding tuition pupil, the great undergraduate, or powerfuble graduate scholar. The e-book may be beneficial to undergraduates getting ready for 'general physics' papers. it truly is was hoping that even a few physics professors will locate the tougher questions demanding. against this, mathematical calls for are minimum, and don't transcend straight forward calculus. This exciting ebook of physics difficulties may still turn out instructive, demanding and enjoyable.

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By what factor does the terminal velocity of the magnet change in each case? Ignore mechanical friction and air resistance, as well as the self- and mutual inductance of the conducting loops. P186* In a vacuum chamber a current of lOA is flowing in a long, straight wire, which has a very high conductivity. Electrons with an initial velocity vo start moving perpendicularly towards the wire from a point which is a radial distance ro away from the wire. Given that they cannot approach any closer to the wire than ro/2, determine v0 .

Try to predict the subsequent events. P137* The most famous geyser in Yellowstone National Park is Old Faithful. This geyser can be considered as a large underground cavity with a narrow flue leading to the surface. Problems 33 The surrounding earth is warm as a result of residual volcanic activity and boils the water in the cavity. After coming to the boil, the water in the flue is expelled, and approximately 44 tons of steam leave the geyser in 4 minutes. After the eruption, underground springs refill the cavity and the flue to ground level in 20-30 minutes, and the process then repeats itself.

26 200 Puzzling Physics Problems What is the minimum power output of the engine which drives the belt? How is the work done by the engine accounted for? P108** A fire hose of mass M and length L is coiled into a roll of radius R (R ~ L). The hose is sent rolling across level ground with initial speed vo (angular velocity vo/ R), while the free end of the hose is held at a fixed point on the ground. The hose unrolls and becomes straight. M F ~ 7////7/7/////////////7/7/7//////////////////7/7/// (i) How much time does it take for the hose to completely unroll?

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